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Two More Fun Bridal Shower Activities

Bridal shower activities

Two more fun bridal shower activities for you creative maids of honor out there are: bridal shower bingo and a shower trivia contest. They're both entertaining, highly customizable activities which could fit into any theme. All they require is a small amount of preparation, and a bit of knowledge about the Bride (for the trivia game).

Bridal Shower Bingo

This bridal shower game is a perfect activity to keep the guests happy and occupied while the bride opens her (amazingly large pile of) gifts. The maid of honor prepares "bingo cards" ahead of time. For the bridal shower version of bingo, the cards don't contain numbers but rather names of gifts the bride might receive like "towels," "spatula," "toaster," or "place setting." As maid of honor you could choose to be even more specific, saying for example "red spatula" or "white towels." You could also fill in the bridal shower bingo cards with items taken directly from the bride's registry.

The way it works is that each time the bride opens a gift, any guests who have the particular item on their bingo card mark it off. Once a guest gets five in a row, she wins a prize!

Bridal Shower Trivia Game

Unlike the bride quiz, the bridal shower trivia game quizzes the guests not the bride. For this game the maid of honor prepares a list of questions about the bride, groom, and their relationship together. You can either ask questions you already know the answers to, ask the groom for help, or ask the bride (if you don't mind revealing the nature of the game before the bridal shower).

Then, before the bridal shower, make handouts for groups of two or three guests to work on together to try to guess all the answers. Once the alloted time is over, the maid of honor asks the bride each question and she reveals the answers. The bridal shower team with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Suggested trivia game questions might include: Where did the bride and groom meet? Where was their first date? Where are they going on their honeymoon? What did the bride want to be when she grew up? How about the groom? What did they major in in school?

Bridal Shower Activity Prizes

One of the most fun aspects of the bridal shower activities are the prizes! The maid of honor could give prizes to the winner, the person with the most creative answers, or even the loser!