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The Best Advice a Maid of Honor can Give the Bride

Maid of honor's advice for the bride

As the bride's best bud, the maid of honor is in a unique position to give her advice. The bride trusts you; she listens to you; she puts stock in what you have to say. So what do you have to say? The following tidbits are some of the best pieces of advice my maid of honor gave me before and during my wedding. They helped me appreciate every second of my wedding day from a practical sense and a more emotional sense. To be the best friend you can be, consider these recommendations.

  • Encourage the bride to take ten or fifteen minutes on the morning of the wedding to sit by herself. Perhaps she could have a cup of coffee in her room or just sit and contemplate the upcoming day. My maid of honor suggested I do this and it really helped mentally prepare me for the crazy series of events that was to come.

  • Make sure the bride eats and drinks (and by drinks I don't mean alcohol or coffee!). The last thing the maid of honor wants is a bride who faints at the alter or whose stomach makes loud hungry noises! Although, on the eating front, it's a good idea to avoid anything with onions or garlic. No bride wants to have dragon breath!

  • Get some sleep the night before the wedding! This may be nearly impossible and the bride will want to stay up celebrating with her bridemaids, but try not to stay up all night. The bride will look and feel much better if she gets some sleep.

  • And the best piece of advice that my maid of honor gave me is to stop at some point during the wedding ceremony. Stop, look around, and really let it sink in that this is your wedding and your wedding is amazing. I still remember the moment I took at my own wedding and it helped me feel less like it was all over before I had the chance to notice. This is the best thing you can tell the bride.