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What's the Maid of Honor supposed to wear at the Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Etc?

Maid of honor's attire

While it's pretty obvious what the maid of honor will need to wear for the wedding itself, it's not always as crystal clear what the dress code is for the other wedding events. Since the maid of honor plays such a visible role, it's important that your attire help set the tone the bride wishes each event to have. Every wedding is different, but the following are some good general guidelines. Of course, if in doubt, you can always ask the bride what she envisions (keeping in mind that the bride can get away with a lot more than you can!).

Engagement Party and Bridal Shower

I am grouping these two wedding events together because they tend to have similar dress codes. For both of these affairs, the maid of honor should probably go business casual. This does not mean that you should be wearing a business suit, just the business casual level of dress. In practice, this means a skirt or dress pants and a nice shirt, or a casual dress. I would leave the jeans at home.

The setting and season in which the events are held also plays a role. If it's a spring or summer party held outside, the maid of honor could wear a sleeveless summer dress. Of course, you should have a better idea what to wear for the bridal shower since you planned it!

Bachelorette Party

As with the bridal shower, you probably have a better idea what kind of dress is expected for the bachelorette party. Depending on what you're going to be doing, the maid of honor and bachelorette party guests should probably wear dressy tank tops and skirts or nice jeans (going out clothes). One word to the wise on bachelorette party attire: If you're planning to have dinner at a nice restaurant to kick off the evening, you may need to have jackets, shirts, or scarves to cover up the skimpy tanks which may not be as appropriate for dinner as they are for the rest of the evening.

Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Brunch

The rehearsal dinner is most likely one step up from the bridal shower and engagement party in terms of proper attire. The maid of honor should probably wear a dress (or a fancy skirt), but don't go too far overboard. Even if the bride is wearing a semi-formal dress, nobody else will! As with the other events, the location plays a central role in deciding on proper attire. The maid of honor could do a quick google search to look at pictures of the restaurant and then wear clothes one step nicer than the average restaurant patrons.

The wedding brunch will in most cases be one step less fancy than the bridal shower. The maid of honor could wear nice jeans and a shirt, or a casual top and skirt. One final word to the wise: Make sure your date understands the proper dress guidelines too!