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Maid of Honor Speech

Maid of Honor Speech Alternatives: How to "avoid the speech"

Singing maid of honor speech

Are you terrified of giving a maid of honor speech, but don't want to let down your best friend or sister? Did you agree to be her maid of honor before you found out about the speech? Or maybe you really want to honor the bride by speaking at her wedding, but you're a bit (or more than a bit) petrified of actually having to remember what to say in front of all those people. Don't panic! There are a few simple ways to "avoid" giving a maid of honor speech while still meeting your obligation. Whichever of the following speech alternatives you choose, talk to the bride about it to avoid any awkward "are you really planning to leave the reception to practice your guitar?!" surprises!

Speech alternative #1: Read a poem or story

If telling anecdotes and making jokes gives you shivers, simply find a good text and read it. This will give you an excuse to have a piece of paper or book to read from while you're giving the maid of honor speech. And there are tons of perfectly appropriate, meaningful poems out there, from Shakespearean sonnets celebrating love to silly childhood memories and dreams presented by Shel Silverstein. Or perhaps the bride and maid of honor's relationship can be best summed up with a simple children's story. Just remember to choose something meaningful for this special wedding moment.

Speech alternative #2: Sing or play an instrument

Giving a traditional speech is not the only way for the maid of honor to show her love and congratulations for the bride and groom. Why not take advantage of your artistic side? If you're a musician, sing a song with revealing lyrics or a powerful emotional melody. Or avoid words entirely in the maid of honor speech and play an instrument. If music is your language of expression, make sure not to play too long, and to make arrangements with the band or DJ ahead of time. And you might still want to say a sentence or two as introduction and then again when you're finished playing.

Speech alternative #3: Present a gift or quotes

The maid of honor speech can be a bit easier if you have some sort of prop. Why not come up with a symbolic gift to present in lieu of a traditional speech? Perhaps you could present the bride with a cactus plant to represent surviving hard times together, or a board game to remind the couple to continue to laugh and play together. You'll still have to explain what the gift represents, but that's nothing compared to a full blown maid of honor speech!

Better yet, prepare a list of quotes from various family members and friends full of congratulations, advice, and happiness for the future. Then, all you have to do is read other people's words! Giving a speech has never been easier!