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Making a Bridal Shower Keepsake Book

Bridal shower keepsake book

One of the greatest physical gifts a maid of honor can give the bride is a bridal shower keepsake book. It's something your close friend will reread and enjoy for years to come. As far as content goes, there are a wide range of options, depending on both the bride's and your interests. Whether you're an artistic maid of honor, a natural-born photographer, or the one who always gets her thumb in pictures, one of the following book ideas will work for you.

On a side note, if you'd like the guests to bring something to the bridal shower to contribute to the keepsake book, it's a good idea to note this on the bridal shower invitations.

Bridal Shower Keepsake Book Ideas

  • You could request, for example, that the bridal shower guests bring a favorite picture of themselves and the bride. Then, at the shower, the maid of honor could pass around the book and let guests paste their pictures in with a description or a favorite story.

  • Similarly, you could ask the guests to come prepared to write their best advice for a happy marriage in the book.

  • At one of the bridal showers I attended, the maid of honor asked the guests to write down their favorite recipe on a pretty card (enclosed with the invitations). After the bridal shower, the maid of honor pasted the recipes into a pretty book for the bride. One tip with this approach: Make sure to point out in the bridal shower invitations that guests must NOT write on the back of the card. You'd be surprised how many people do!

  • Of course, the simplest keepsake book that you could make is just to take lots of pictures at the bridal shower (getting a bridesmaid or two to help so that the maid of honor is actually IN some of those pictures). You could make a great book by hand, or, using digital photos, use a program like iPhoto to make and order a book of your own design.

  • One fun alternative take on the bridal shower keepsake book is to bring a video camera to the shower. Then the maid of honor could interview each guest separately and let them send their happy wishes for the bride and groom. On the downside, this can be a bit time consuming. My recommendation is to interview the local bridal shower guests at a separate time and focus on the guests who traveled from far away.