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Bridal Bouquets & Bridemaid's Flowers: A Maid of Honor How To

Bridesmaid bouquet

As the illustrious maid of honor, it's a good idea to become an expert on everything wedding, including the bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers. This will surprise and impress the stressed out bride and increase the odds that everything will go more or less smoothly on the wedding day. To be all the maid of honor you can be when it comes to wedding flowers, remember these important tips.

Before the Wedding

Here are a few flower tips that you may want to mention to the bride as she's picking out her bouquet as well as the bridesmaid's flowers.

  • Simple is often better. After attending a good number of weddings I've found that the best bouquets tend to have fewer types of flowers, fewer colors and just fewer flowers overall. Including every flower or color you like may just make the wedding bouquets look cluttered and haphazard. Also, the fewer the number of flowers, the lighter the bouquets will be for the poor bridesmaids who have to carry them, especially important for the maid of honor who will spend a large part of the ceremony holding the bride's bouquet also!
  • On another note, as the bride picks out her own bouquet she may be enchanted with the beauty and grace of a cascading style bouquet. While I for one love the way these look, as the bride walks down the aisle it will hide her beautiful dress that she and her maid of honor spent so much time and effort picking out. And the dress is so much more important than the flowers!

The Wedding Ceremony

  • Don't forget that flowers can bleed, especially brightly colored flowers! As the maid of honor, make sure the bridemaids and particularly the bride keep from rubbing the flowers against their dresses!
  • To have those wedding bouquets looking their best, keep them in water as long as possible. Flowers start to dry out and wilt very quickly.
  • Of course, once the knowledgeable maid of honor takes the flowers out of water (as close to the ceremony as you're comfortable with), make sure to dry the ends off thoroughly with paper towels. Water spots and stains are not attractive!
  • The maid of honor and bridesmaids, as well as the bride, should remember to hold the bouquets as low as possible while they're walking down the aisle and in pictures. Let the flowers hide your stomach, not your chest.
  • You should try to hold the bride's bouquet as much as possible before the ceremony as it can get very heavy and the bride has other things to worry about. Be sure to watch her carefully during the ceremony and gently nudge her to see if she wants you to take the bouquet if she starts to shake (yes, that does happen!).

At the End of the Wedding

  • Encourage the wedding guests to take the centerpieces home at the end of the reception (assuming the bride does not have other plans for them). Or, the maid of honor could take them home herself and bring them to the sunday brunch the next day (assuming there is one) or put them in the bridal suite.
  • If the bride has no particular plans for her bouquet, the maid of honor might want to press a few of her flowers. Then, later you could laminate them and either frame theme, make them into a book mark, or whatever you can think of.