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Bridal shower themes

Although unnecessary, a good bridal shower theme can provide some extra flavor and a unifying structure. Depending on your inclinations, budget, and style, you could incorporate a theme across any or all of the bridal shower elements. The following are some theme suggestions and examples of how a maid of honor might implement them. The bridal shower themes fall into three basic categories: location themes, hobby themes, and other themes.

Location Themes

Let's start with location themes. This may be ideal if you know that the bride has a special interest in or tie to a given location. If the bride is going to France, Hawaii, or Egypt on her honeymoon, the maid of honor could base the bridal shower theme around that. Or, if the bride loves the city, state, or region she lives in, you may want to choose a more local location.

If you decide to do a location theme, say Egypt, for the bridal shower, why not send pyramid-shaped invitations, decorate with hieroglyphics, serve hummus and pita bread, and design an "answer the sphinx's riddle" activity?

Hobby Themes

Is the bride known for her gardening or penchant for yoga? Do you know what else the bride is passionate about? Then why not design the bridal shower around those things? Whether the bride loves gardening, cooking, movies, backpacking, or wine, the maid of honor can plan an engaging bridal shower around that theme.

A few good bridal shower activites you could lead, for instance, would be a seed planting, a small cooking demonstration or a wine tasting. You could give away wine charms, flower bulbs, or trail maps as favors. If the bride loves backpacking, the maid of honor could decorate with pictures of mountains and serve microwave-made smores! With these types of hobby themes, the maid of honor could even ask guests to bring gifts related to the topic in question (assuming the bride is okay with that). This is particularly useful when the bride already owns most of her kitchen essentials.

Additional Themes

Besides location and hobby themes, the maid of honor could build the bridal shower around anything from pampering and romance to holidays like Christmas or Halloween.

With a pampering theme, guests might bring spa gift certificates or scented lotions as bridal shower gifts. For a romance theme, guests might give a gift certificate for a hot balloon ride or matching bathrobes. For a pampering bridal shower, the maid of honor could hire a manicurist to do people's nails. Romance themes could include lots of roses and candles, and a trivia game about how the bride and groom met and got engaged.

A holiday-themed bridal shower could also be a lot of fun and opens up some easy possibilities for decorating. Does the bride love Halloween, or does she go nuts for winter holiday lights and decor? If the bridal shower takes place in the fall, the maid of honor could have guests paint faces on Jack-O-Lanterns, hang up fake cobwebs and orange lights as decorations, and lay out bowls of candy.

For a Christmas time theme, start with an already decorated living room complete with decorated tree. Serve egg nog (and rum) and snowflake cookies, give out ornaments as favors, and play Christmas music.

It all depends on who the bride is and what she likes. If you're not sure if the bride will like a particular theme, try to sound her out. As long as the bride is happy with your bridal shower theme, you have nothing to worry about!