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Planning a Bridal Shower Weekend

Bridal shower & bachelorette weekend

If you and the bride live far from each other or if you just want to spend more fun pre-wedding time together, try setting up a bridal shower and bachelorette party weekend, filled not only with these traditional events but also with all sorts of great bonding activities. There's every reason the maid of honor should schedule some girlfriend time in the midst of all the wedding stuff. Here are some activity suggestions for guaranteed female fun during the bridal shower weekend, as well as tips for the days leading up the wedding.

Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Weekend

How about taking the bride to get pedicures or massages at the spa? Many spas actually offer discounts for the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids, not just as wedding prep, but for pre-wedding group stress relief. You could surprise the bride with a spa gift certificate at the bridal shower, to be spent on a bridesmaid trip to the spa the next day. If the bride hasn't done it already, the maid of honor could also suggest having their trial make-up appointments together at the spa.

Another fun treat is to take the bride out for an elegant lunch at a fancy restaurant or hotel. Some upscale hotels actually offer a fancy tea on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Tea can be a great alternative to lunch because it's more budget-friendly, and still allows everyone to dress up nicely and have a girl-bonding afternoon. My maid of honor actually took me out to a fancy local hotel that had a Saturday afternoon chocolate buffet. Surf the net to discover the cool options available in your area!

For a more bonding experience, plan a chick flick wedding movie marathon. The maid of honor should buy some munchies and chocolate, and rent a series of female friendly movies (perhaps wedding-themed movies like the Wedding Singer). Sometimes it's nice just to stay in and celebrate over some wonderfully cheesy movies!

Pre-Wedding: the last couple of days

Although it'll depend on how the bride is feeling, the maid of honor should plan on some low-key events in the last few free moments leading up to the wedding. Sometimes it feels good to have the opportunity to share a "normal" activity as time winds down before the crazy wedding events get started in earnest. A movie marathon, as mentioned above, can be a fabulously cathartic event.

You could also suggest a co-ed trip to hang out in a local bar (perhaps inviting the male side of the bridal party!) or even do a trivia night competition at a bar. Beyond that, simply going out to dinner, playing a board game, or going running together can be worthy events to savor the moment and relax as the wedding day approaches.