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Can You Afford to be Maid of Honor? Here's the Budget Breakdown.

Maid of honor budget

Accepting your friend or sister's offer to be her maid of honor is a big time and emotional commitment. What you may not realize is that it will also be a significant drain on your finances. I know you want to be there for your best gal pal, but consider first whether or not your budget can support the maid of honor's honors!

The first thing everyone thinks of is the bridesmaid dress. Yes, you will need to buy this more or less attractive wedding necessity! Whether gorgeous or a reject from the eighties, this maid of honor must-have will likely be in the $200 range (plus any alterations), but could be much more. And that doesn't include the other little details you may need to purchase. What's a bridesmaid without fabulous shoes, necklace, professionally prepped hair and makeup? This could break any girl's bank!

After the dress, the next potentially pricey expenses come from the bridal shower and bachelorette party. The maid of honor is usually expected to plan these, but should share the financial load with the other bridesmaids (in the case of the bachelorette) and hopefully the mother of the bride (for the bridal shower). You can put these two wedding festivities together on a budget, but expect to have to shell out at least enough for drinks, dinner, and costuming at the bachelorette party and food, decorations, and favors at the bridal shower. If you're not careful, these can really add up!

And, depending on where the wedding is, you may need to pay for plane tickets and hotel rooms. And beware, the bride may expect you to stay at the fancy hotel with her!

Then, finally, the maid of honor is not exempt from that most basic of all wedding expenses, the wedding gift (oh, and the bridal shower gift too!).

If you find yourself in dire financial straits but don't want to disappoint your best bud, be upfront with the bride about your situation. Explain that you'd love to be there for her as maid of honor, but will not be able to afford all the costs. The bride may appreciate your honesty and politely choose someone else, or express her undying need to have you and only you be her maid of honor and offer to help defray some of the costs. Either way, make sure your friend realizes just how honored you are to have been asked.