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Maid of Honor Speeches: What to look for if you want to buy a speech

As maid of honor, you want so much to make sure that the bride has a wonderful wedding day. You try your best to plan an amazing bridal shower and bachelorette party and to support the bride during the entire wedding process. Once the wedding day finally arrives and it's time to deliver your maid of honor speech, of course you want to sum up all of your emotions so that the bride has some inkling how much you care about her.

When it really comes down to it, this creates an enormous amount of pressure for you to give an unforgettable speech. If you're just not ready to go it alone, it's possible to buy speeches or speech templates to help you. The important thing is to buy the right type of speech so that you can still demonstrate to the bride, groom, and guests exactly how happy you are for the new couple. So, when choosing where to buy the maid of honor speech, take into account the following three factors: customizability, who is writing the speeches, and customer service.

Customizability of the Maid of Honor Speech

As a former maid of honor, I would strongly recommend not buying an entirely pre-written speech. You just won't get the same effect if you don't infuse your speech with personal details and stories. It's therefore important to purchase maid of honor speech templates and/or example speeches designed for you to fill in the blanks yourself.

What you do then is fill up the speech template with personal information and anecdotes, using supplied examples to figure out how. This takes away the daunting task of writing your maid of honor speech from scratch, but allows you to add personal touches which will give your speech more emotional depth.

Real Speech Writers

Buying a maid of honor speech

Another thing to consider when selecting where to buy your maid of honor speech is who exactly is writing it. Anybody can put up a website, call themselves speechwriters, and try to sell maid of honor or best man speeches, but that doesn't guarantee that said speeches will be any good.

When doing research, look for information about the speechwriters themselves. Are they professionals? Do they have significant experience? It's a good idea to skim through testimonials on the website. It's impossible to be sure the speeches will be high quality just from the testimonials, but they might at least lend a glimpse at the type or theme of maid of honor speeches offered.

Customer Service

When purchasing a maid of honor speech, I would have a lot more confidence if there were easy methods to contact the people behind the website. If the sale ends once you purchase the speech, where can you turn to for help? In addition, you should absolutely only purchase a maid of honor speech from a website which is itself well written. If the website isn't well written, what about their speeches?

The website I recommend as a former maid of honor is Instant Wedding Toasts. I believe they're good writers who actually care whether or not your speech is successful.