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How to care for and dewrinkle your maid of honor dress

Ironing bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid and maid of honor dresses tend to be made of materials which are especially difficult to care for. Materials like silk, satin, rayon, and tulle can't just be thrown in the washing machine or gone over with a hot iron. And yet, because they're the most common materials used for bridesmaid dresses, and brides expect them to look perfect, it's important to know how to clean, dewrinkle and care for those lovely gowns. Here are some maid of honor and bridesmaid dress care tips.

  • Silk and Satin: Being very prone to damage, fragile materials like silk and satin need to be handled with special care. Pay close attention when using chemical substances such as hair spray, perfume, or nail polish remover around your maid of honor dress. These can damage the color of your dress and cause washed out spots.

    If you spill something on your silk or satin bridesmaid dress, do NOT use water to blot out the stain as it will likely leave a water mark. Instead, leave the stain alone and take the dress to a drycleaners as soon as possible (telling them what caused the stain if possible).

    If your dress becomes wrinkled, you have a couple of options. With the iron on the low, "silk" setting, iron your bridesmaid dress from the inside to protect the outer surface. Another option is to place a layer of cloth between the iron and the dress to prevent burn marks. A steam iron can be used on the low setting, but make sure it isn't prone to "spitting" water which can stain.

  • Rayon: In order to clean up spills on a rayon maid of honor dress, water may be used, but be careful as the color may bleed. Under no circumstances should you wring the dress out as rayon tends to stretch and become misshapen very easily.

    With rayon, as opposed to silk or satin bridesmaid dresses, you can use a slightly higher setting on the iron, but don't overdo it. It is also still recommended that you iron your rayon dress from the inside. Using a steam iron is also an acceptable option.

  • Tulle: Tulle, that distinctive material pretty much unique to bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns, and ballerinas, is extremely delicate. If you do spill on tulle or get it dirty, the best thing to do is hand wash it very gently and let it drip dry. Do NOT put it in the dryer (as it will burn), and avoid wringing the water out (as it can easily tear).

    To remove wrinkles from a tulle maid of honor dress, first try spraying it with water and "fluffing" it up by hand. You'd be surprised how well this can work with little risk of hurting the material. If that isn't successful, hang the tulle dress in the bathroom as you take a hot shower. The steam will take the wrinkles out for you. If that still doesn't work, you can use an iron on a very low setting with another fabric placed between the iron and the bridesmaid dress. Be VERY careful as it can burn! If you opt to use the iron, it's a good idea to cut off a small hidden piece of tulle (if possible) to test iron it first.