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The Maid of Honor's Wedding Day Checklist

Maid of honor's wedding day checklist

One of your final duties as maid of honor is to do as much as you can to insure the wedding day goes flawlessly. The best way to accomplish this is to be prepared for any emergency (within reason). The following is a checklist of what a responsible maid of honor should have with her on the wedding day.


Having extra make-up, baby wipes, and nylons will show your true colors as a thoughtful, well-organized maid of honor.

  • Extra lipstick in the bride's color
  • Various shades of base, eye shadow, blush, and other make-up that the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids could share in a pinch
  • Extra nylons
  • Small sewing/repair kit with scissors
  • Baby wipes or wet naps to remove stains
  • Scotch tape- This is actually the best way to remove stains like dirt or lipstick from the bride's dress if it's made of a delicate material like silk or satin.
  • Extra necklaces the maid of honor is willing to lend
  • Bobby pins and safety pins

Food and Drink

Make sure the bride eats! Oh, and the maid of honor and bridesmaids may want to eat too!

  • Bottled water to keep everyone hydrated
  • Crackers and small snacks
  • Chocolate and candy- A smart maid of honor will keep the bride and bridesmaids happy and smiling!

Wedding Stuff

It depends how much the bride wants you to be involved, but you might want to keep track of the following.

  • Vendor phone numbers- You could save the day by calling the late photographer to give him/her directions!
  • Family, groom, and best man phone numbers- The bride's family may want to keep track of your whereabouts. The maid of honor may need to contact the best man to keep the groom away from the bride.
  • Groom's wedding ring- If the maid of honor has been charged with keeping it for the ceremony. Sometimes the best man holds on to both the bride's and groom's wedding rings.
  • A check to pay the officiant or other vendors- if the bride wants you to take care of these.

Other Stuff

More items for the fabulous maid of honor to have on the wedding day include:

  • Camera for candid moments. You could make your own wedding album for the bride including the all-day wedding preparation.
  • Tampons and pads, just in case
  • Medicine- Advil, cold medicine, Benadryl- You never know!
  • Cash- The maid of honor may need to run out and grab a sandwich for the bride or a new pair of nylons (if she didn't already have an extra pair!). Most places take credit cards, but do you really want to risk it?