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The Co-ed Bachelorette Party: Cool New Phenomenon!

Co-ed bachelorette party

It seems to be more and more common these days for maids of honor and best men to get together and plan a co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party. The odds of crazy, scandalous fun only increase when you throw both genders together into the mix. Before embarking on this coed pre-marriage sendoff, it's a good idea for the maid of honor to double check this is what the bride wants (since you're her advocate). The best man should do the same with the groom, but that's his responsibility!

There are a lot of different ways to structure a co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party. The maid of honor and best man could get together to plan the entire event, from dinner and drinks to anatomically correct chocolates exhibiting traits of both sexes. You could easily set up a scavenger hunt of sorts which pits the men versus the women with tasks like, "Get an attractive ______ (man/woman) to buy you a drink." Generally, however, both the bride and groom prefer to have some of their bachelorette and bachelor parties separate so that they're not deprived of the more traditional single-minded one gender only fun.

What seems to work for many maids of honor is to have some singularly girly fun for the first half of the evening and to meet up with the crazy bachelor and his crew later on. The bachelorette party itinerary could look something like this.

The girls all meet up at the maid of honor's place for some appetizers (cheese, pastries, or doritos, per your preference) and some champagne or fancy bachelorette cocktails. After everyone has arrived, toasted, and taken the "before" pictures, the bachelorette party moves on to phase two, dinner. You all have a fabulous dinner while the maid of honor presents her girlie costuming for the bride (from fake veils and tiaras to bright boas and beads).

At this point you rush off to your first real destination, whether a male strip show (a bachelorette party classic) or an upscale cocktail bar. After a couple of rounds of men or drinks (or both!), the bachelorette and bachelor parties combine forces at a neutral bar or club for the co-ed portion of the evening. What happens after that is up to you!