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Bachelorette Party Costumes

Bachelorette party costumes

With even a shy bride, the bachelorette party costuming can make the night. An enthusiastic maid of honor could pick out silly bachelorette party gear for just the bride or for everyone at the party. If you do decide to costume everyone, don't forget to single out the bride-To-be with some extra special accessories (she wants to be identified as the VIP, even if she doesn't admit it). Make sure it's clear who the queen of the bachelorette party is!

There are a lot of fun things the maid of honor can choose for the bachelorette party. If the bride is really timid, you could just get something subtle like a rose corsage or a wreath of flowers for her hair. Where you can have the most fun, however, is with all the more embarrassing party memorabilia!

Take my own bachelorette party for instance. After dinner and wine were finished, my maid of honor presented me with several bachelorette party goodies, from least to most scandalous. It was quite the ceremony out on the sidewalk outside the restaurant! First, she handed me a bright blue feather boa, followed by a beauty pageant-style sash with "bachelorette" written across it. So far the costuming wasn't so far.

Of course, the next thing she pulls out is a wedding veil covered in condoms and miniature penises. I guess the bachelorette party gig was up after that! To add humorous insult to injury, she proceeded to place a blindfold on me and then handcuffs! The bachelorette party guests brought me into a cab and directed me blindfolded into a stripshow (already in progress). I think we made a bigger spectacle than the strippers! It was memorable, to say the least! I wouldn't trade that penis veil for anything!

If you, as the fun the maid of honor, also want to add some bachelorette party flair to yourself and the guests to show that everyone is part of the group, there are some good options available like buttons, t-shirts, and hats. Check out the many bachelorette party costuming options!