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Maid of Honor: What to do at the end of the Wedding Reception

Once the bride and groom have fed each other cake, the bouquet has been tossed, and the last romantic song has played (and the second and third "last" songs), it's time to depart. As the newlyweds say their final goodbyes and the wedding host begins to turn down the lights, there are a few things the maid of honor should be sure to attend to.

    End of wedding reception
  • Distribute the flowers. Suggest that guests take the table centerpieces home to enjoy. Or, the maid of honor could take as many of these as she can herself to be reused at brunch the next morning or placed in the bridal suite.

  • Ask the wedding or venue coordinator to pack up some dinner and cake for the bride and groom. They will be grateful their maid of honor thought of it! Despite your best efforts, there's a good chance they had little to nothing to eat during the event itself.

  • Make sure the wedding presents are taken care of. Even if you can't transport them all yourself, it's a good idea to make sure they end up in a responsible person's car!

  • Double check that the bride and groom aren't left stranded at the alter! It may sound silly, but if there is no limo waiting make sure that someone is charged with the job of driving the newlyweds back to the hotel. And, for that matter, do you have a ride?

  • Talk to the wedding or venue coordinator to make sure everyone is paid up and everything is taken care of. You don't want the bride to have to worry about this.

  • Finally, the maid of honor might want to take a couple of pictures of the wedding reception "aftermath." These would make the perfect end to a brilliant wedding scrapbook.