Getting unstuck as you write your maid of honor speech

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Maid of Honor Speech

Getting Unstuck as you Write your Maid of Honor Speech

Feeling stuck as you try to write your maid of honor speech? For me the hardest part was getting started. With so many great bride stories, inspirational quotes, or song lyrics and the endless suggestions I received, I just couldn't put pen to paper. So, with the goal of helping you get unstuck, here are some questions to help you pick a story or idea around which to center your maid of honor speech.

  • 1. How did the bride and groom meet? How did he (or she!) propose?

  • 2. How did you and the bride meet? How did she ask you to be her maid of honor?

  • 3. What funny hobby, interest, or quirk do the bride and groom have in common?

  • 4. Did you, her trusty maid of honor, tell her right from the start that he was the one? Did she tell you that?

  • 5. Do the bride and groom have a "song?" Is there a story behind it? Do you and she have a shared favorite song?

  • 6. How are the bride and groom perfect for each other? What personality traits make them a perfect pair (whether they are compatible opposites or virtually the same person)?

  • 7. What kind of happy future can you envision? Did the bride have a funny childhood dream of what her wedding or future life would be like?

  • 8. Does the bride have a favorite author, poet or singer whose lyrics you might work into your speech?

Two of the most important things to remember when writing your maid of honor speech are to make it personal and memorable to the bride, but also to avoid any overly private jokes that will make no sense to the other ninety nine percent of your audience. The best maid of honor speeches are memorable not just for the bride, but for the whole room. With a bit of creativity and a large does of sincerity, your maid of honor speech is sure to be one they remember!