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How the Maid of Honor can help Prevent and Cure Bachelorette Party Hangovers

Bachelorette party hangovers

The vast majority of bachelorette parties are centered around copious amounts of drinking. And while this kind of drunken debauchery can be a lot of fun for the bride, maid of honor, and other bachelorette guests, it can leave someone or everyone with a terrible morning after hangover. To avoid this while still taking full advantage of the bachelorette party spirit, the maid of honor should encourage guests to follow these simple hangover prevention and cure tips.

The Night of the Bachelorette Party

  • Make sure dinner, or at least appetizers, are part of the bachelorette itinerary. If going to a restaurant is not part of the plan, the maid of honor could at least serve cheese and crackers and other simple appetizers at her place before everyone heads out for the evening. Having food in your stomach will decrease the chances of a hangover the next day!

  • Try to hand the bride fancy drinks and glasses of water in equal proportions, and this applies to everyone else as well. If you can't stand to be in the bathroom all night during the bachelorette party, at least drink a couple of glasses of water before heading to sleep.

  • If you're drinking wine, stick with white instead of red. It has less impurities that can make a hangover headache worse.

  • Think you've had enough water? Drink more! And as a caring maid of honor, make the bride drink more water too!

The Morning After the Bachelorette Party

  • Sleep in! Don't get out of bed if you don't need to. This is the best reason never to plan a bachelorette party on a Sunday night! The bride, maid of honor, and guests should plan to sleep as long as possible the next morning. Rest is your friend!

  • Eat some toast, saltines, oatmeal, or (one of my favorites for a hangover) chicken noodle soup. The carbohydrates will help soak up the excess alcohol and generally make you feel better. Besides the hangover, you probably haven't eaten since last night's dinner and your body is naturally hungry! Feed it! The maid of honor should plan to have these types of food items on hand.

  • Tempting though it might be, lay off the coffee because it will only dehydrate you further. If you must have a morning hot beverage, go for herbal tea.

  • Do NOT take Tylenol. Mixing alcohol and Tylenol can be VERY bad for your liver.

  • The maid of honor should have orange juice on hand to help bachelorette party guests replenish their bodies' supply of vitamin C. On the same note, take some vitamin B if you have it.

  • Go get some fresh air, and even some exercise if you're up for it. The fresh air will help rejuvenate you and the exercise will help sweat out some more of the toxins.