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What information needs to be included in the Bridal Shower invitations?

Bridal shower invitations

Once you've picked out your super cool invitations for the bridal shower you still need to finalize the information and wording. Some of what you need on the invitations is obvious, like date, location, time and the name of the fantastic maid of honor throwing the shower, but there's other vital information to include which will save you and your guests some confusion. Here are the basics and some optional additions for the bridal shower invitations. The maid of honor can feel free to pick and choose what will work best for her particular bridal shower setup and theme.

Invitation Basics

The basic information to include in the bridal shower invitations includes the following:

  • Date and time (starting and ending times, to make sure guests know when they're supposed to leave!)
  • Location: address, city, state, and the name of the bridal shower location (ie. maid of honor's house, local recreation center, mother of the bride's backyard)
  • Phone number and deadline for RSVPing (which some people will inevitably miss and the maid of honor will have to call)
  • The hostesses names: Whether maid of honor, mother of the bride, or all the bridesmaids, be sure to include a "graciously hosted by" line.
  • Directions to the bridal shower location, preferably with a map

Other Stuff You Could Include

If you'd like the guests to adhere to a certain dress code other than the standard business casual, mention this in the invitation. In addition, to avoid any misunderstandings or hungry upset guests, the maid of honor could specifically mention what nature of food will be served at the bridal shower. Examples would be: "Dessert buffet to be provided," or "Light lunch fare."

If you selected a theme for the bridal shower, make sure to mention it in the invitations. This is especially true if the guests are supposed to bring a gift relating to the theme. Furthermore, if you're planning to put together some kind of scrapbook for the bride as a sentimental gift from her maid of honor and the bridal shower guests, it's a good idea to either mention this in the invitations or include a pretty card on which guests are expected to write their comments. Check out these bridal shower scrapbook ideas.

Some maids of honor choose to include a card with the bride's registry information on it. Etiquette experts disagree on whether or not this is acceptable. My take on it is that it helps guarantee the bride will receive gifts she actually wants!

And finally, here's one last piece of advice on the bridal shower invitations. Remember to save a nice clean invitation for the bride's scrapbook. Chances are good the invitation is cute (since you picked it out!), and it's a nice souvenir of a fabulously planned and executed bridal shower!