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Maid of Honor Speech

Last Minute Maid of Honor Speech Tips

Last minute speech tips

The wedding date draws near, the bridesmaid dress stands ready, and the maid of honor speech is thoughtfully written and prepared (hopefully- If not, consider getting maid of honor speech help!). In order to calm your nerves and make you feel more confident about delivering your speech, check out these last minute speech tips. They're designed both to give you more confidence and to add just a bit more professional polish to the speech delivery. Before the time to give the speech comes around, read on.

  • Probably the single most important tip for the maid of honor speech is to speak slowly, clearly, and loudly. If the wedding guests can't understand what you're saying, the speech is sure to fail! Also remember to hold the microphone a little away from your face. Watch the dj or band leader to see how they hold it.

  • During the maid of honor speech, be sure to make eye contact with the bride and possibly the groom. This does not, however, mean that you should stare at the bride the whole time. Deliver the maid of honor speech to all the wedding guests, but give a special moment or two of eye contact to the bride. She'll appreciate it.

  • I know you're happy for the bride and the wedding is a whole series of sentimental moments, but do your absolute best not to cry through the maid of honor speech. It makes you harder to understand and no one really wants to watch you cry. It's different when the bride does it!

  • Make an effort not to shuffle and fidget during the maid of honor speech. The simple act of keeping your feet, body, and hands in one place (short of normal, animated gesticulation of course) can have a great effect on the speech's impact.

  • Don't leave the audience hanging too long, but do include dramatic pauses in the maid of honor speech where appropriate. Inexperienced public speakers often rush through a speech, not appreciating the usefulness of breathing in strategic places.

  • To make the speech sound more polished, try to leave out the "ums" and "likes" if you can.

  • And finally, remember to relax and enjoy giving the maid of honor speech. If you're sincere about what you're saying, that will shine through to the audience.