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Bachelorette Party: Local Event or Overnight Trip?

How do you decide whether a local bachelorette party or a trip to Las Vegas, the beach, or a fancy hotel are right for you and the bride? As maid of honor it will probably be your ultimate call as to which type of bachelorette party to plan, but how do you know which is the best way to go?

    Local bachelorette party or overnight trip?
  • Number of guests

    The maid of honor should either ask the bride or try to guess which is more important to her, having everyone she knows attend the bachelorette party or having a more intimate but supremely fun affair with just a handful of guests. Chances are good that if you do an out of town trip fewer people will be able to attend. Personally, I asked my maid of honor for a local bachelorette party because I would rather have more of my friends be able to go.

  • Budget

    Obviously the maid of honor will need to consider what her budget is, what the bridesmaids are willing to contribute, and what the guests in general will probably be willing to spend for the bachelorette party. Check out our article on funding a bachelorette party to find out how best to raise money. If finances are pretty limited, you should probably be leaning toward a local evening out.

  • Time to Plan

    An often overlooked but critical thing to consider is how much time the maid of honor has to actually plan the bachelorette party. Planning an overnight, out of town trip will take a LOT more time to research, plan, organize, and execute. If you're studying to take the LSATs or planning your own wedding, for instance, you might want to opt for a local bachelorette party. On the other hand, if you find yourself temporarily unemployed or on summer vacation as a teacher, be a maid of honor hero and go for the traveling bachelorette party!