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Active Bridal Shower Activities for the Creative Maid of Honor

Bridal shower activities

If the bride has a special interest or hobby she enjoys, why not incorporate it into the bridal shower? You could, for instance, choose a gardening theme and have guests plant seeds as the main bridal shower event. One key thing to remember, however, is that there will likely be grandmothers at the bridal shower. It is therefore wise to avoid any events that require much walking or physical activity. Leave rock-climbing or salsa dancing for the bachelorette party weekend!

Here are some suggested interactive activities the maid of honor may want to consider for the bridal shower, depending upon the bride-to-be's interests and personality.

  • Seed Planting: As I mentioned above, the maid of honor could lead everyone in the proper way to plant seeds at the bridal shower. Provide a variety of seed types, potting soil, a watering can, and pots. If your budget is on the low side, request in the bridal shower invitations that guests bring their own pots (but have a couple of spares on hand for guests who forget).

  • Cooking Lesson: This can be an extremely fun bridal shower event for a bride who loves to cook. The maid of honor could book a local chef or just ask her mother or someone she knows who's a good cook to do a demonstration. This cooking "lesson" could be as interactive as you'd like it to be. The chef might just show the bridal shower guests some of her tricks (and let everyone taste the pre-made results), or guests could be asked to knead their own dough or frost their own cupcakes.

  • Wine Tasting: Even if the maid of honor is not a wine connoisseur, with just a little bit of research and preparation you could lead a very successful bridal shower wine tasting. Begin, for example, by demonstrating the proper steps to a wine tasting (sniff, swirl, etc.). Then each guest could taste a few wines, selected and researched in advance by the maid of honor. Or, as a cheaper alternative, ask the bridal shower guests to bring a bottle of wine for everyone to taste. Any leftover bottles could be given to the bride.

  • Pet Show: If the bride loves her pet or animals in general, perhaps the maid of honor could plan the bridal shower around pets. On the invitations, you could request that guests bring their pet and show off its tricks at a bridal shower pet show! If guests don't have a pet or don't wish to bring them, you could suggest that they bring the funniest pet picture or cartoon they can find and guests could vote on which is the funniest. Then provide that person with a prize!