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Bachelorette Parties are Awesome, but They're not the End!

I was recently involved in a conversation talking about what to do for a friend's bachelorette party. There was a debate between the maid of honor and a couple of the bridesmaids about whether to stay at a friend's beach house and relax for a weekend or to do a more traditional bachelorette party complete with a night on the town, dancing and yes, strippers.

While both options would be fun, the maid of honor pointed out that one generally only gets to have a bachelorette party once and so you should do something wild and crazy that you can't normally do. I agreed with her choice, but it also led me to one of those great "Aha!" moments.

Yes, it would awesome to have a scandalously fun bachelorette party, but there was no reason that had to be your final opportunity. Just because you were getting married, was that any reason to forego having fun for the rest of your life? Of course not!

As someone who is now married, having gone through the process as a bride, bridesmaid and maid of honor, I'm still having a blast. So while I encourage you fantastic maids of honor out there to plan the coolest bachelorette party you can, it doesn't have to the last hooray. And hey, if any of you are reading this who aren't bridesmaids, why not plan a fun celebration anyway? The wedding part is optional!