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Should you be called Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Bridesmaid, Bridesmatron, or Man of Honor?

Maid vs. matron of honor

What's in a name? Didn't someone somewhere say something about a rose by any other name still smelling as sweet? (Yes, I know it was Shakespeare.) What are the proper maid of honor and bridesmaid titles according to your role and marital status, and what does it matter? Are the wedding etiquette police going to run you down if you're a married maid of honor? Watch out! Ann Landers and Emily Post may be knocking down your door and they look mad!

Whether or not you and the bride decide to go with the appropriate wedding titles, what's more important is that you're there to share this super bonding experience with your best bud. Read up on the maid of honor's, or matron's or man's, responsibilities here!

For Emily Post's sake, here's the lowdown on these fabulous ladies in waiting. The maid of honor is traditionally the bride's best female friend or sister who is herself unmarried. The matron of honor is also a full fledged member of the bride's friend circle who happens to be married. Can you have both a maid and a matron of honor for one wedding? Sure. Who's to say you can't have two maids of honor at a wedding? It's the bride's own unique wedding. Who's to throw wedding etiquette stones?

There are a couple of common maid versus matron of honor questions. What if the honorable maid in question is pregnant but not married? Does that affect her title? I think the best answer to this one is that her title, maid or matron of honor, should be based on what the bride wants and, more importantly, what the pregnant lady in question is more comfortable with!

Yes, but what if the maid/matron of honor was married, but is now divorced? Technically this makes her once again a maid of honor, but she can be matron of honor is she wishes.

While we're on a similar subject, what if one of the bridesmaids is married? Does she become a bridesmatron? I would generally have to say no on this one, even though it makes logical sense!

Finally, there's one more sticky situation. What if the maid of honor is actually a man of honor? There are several viable solutions to this one. He could stand on the bride's side, but officially be a co-best man. Or you could choose a more unique title like best bride attendant or attendant of honor. Having a male best friend shouldn't stop the bride from including him in the wedding. Just come up with an official title that works for everyone and check out the male maid of honor FAQ.