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What if the Maid of Honor and one of the Bridesmaids aren't the best of friends?

Bridesmaid conflict

It's certainly not out of the ordinary for the maid of honor and a bridesmaid or two to be strangers. It's not so uncommon either, but definitely more difficult, if you and one of the bridesmaids flat out dislike each other. Perhaps there's some jealousy over why one person was chosen as maid of honor over the other. The thing to remember is that this is about helping the bride have a wonderful wedding experience. That's why she chose you as maid of honor in the first place. Whatever your differences, you just have to get along. To be a good friend to the bride, you have no choice but to suck it up, smile and act like nothing is wrong. Here are a few ways to make that easier.

For the planning stages (of the bridal shower and bachelorette party), it would be wise for the maid of honor to separate out specific tasks for the bridesmaid in question to do on her own. Perhaps you could suggest that she be in charge of sending the invitations and keeping track of the RSVPs. That's fairly benign and will keep her out of your hair!

When it comes time to pick out maid of honor and bridesmaid dresses, why don't you suggest going dress shopping just you and the bride? It could be a bonding experience away from the bridesmaid in question (and also helps insure the bride chooses a dress that looks good on you!).

On the wedding day itself, as well as all the time leading up to it, never let your differences make themselves known to the bride. As a good maid of honor you don't want anything to stand in the way of the bride's happiness, and bridesmaid strife can only serve to raise her stress level. Since you're the maid of honor, the ranking girl attendant, it's up to you to keep the bride calm and content, and to be the more mature bridesmaid when necessary. There will be plenty of stress to go around without letting your differences add more!