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Creative Ways to Recycle those Old Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid Dresses

Reusing old bridesmaid dresses

Whether you loved your maid of honor or bridesmaid dress (lucky you!) or hated it, chances are good that you'll never have another opportunity to wear it. Instead of letting it collect dust and take up closet space, there are several good ways to recycle those wonderful pepto bismal pink, pouffy shouldered, strangely fitting dresses. From donating to charity to selling to other worthy bridesmaids on the internet, don't let those bridesmaid dresses go to waste! Instead of just holding onto that dress, you could...

  • Donate your maid of honor dress to charity. The Princess Project has a list of places by state that accept old dresses which will be given to high school girls who can't afford a full-priced prom dress.

  • You could also make your niece, cousin, neighbor or younger sister's day by donating your bridesmaid dress to them to be used for dress up. It may be too big, but they'll enjoy playing with it anyway!

  • Why not have an old wedding dress party? Invite your friends to come over in their bridesmaid dress, maid of honor dress or wedding dress finery! The guys can wear tuxedos if they have them, or just a shirt and tie. It doesn't matter what they wear since those easily identifiable bridesmaid dresses will steal the show!

  • On a similar note, you could jazz up that old maid of honor dress into a unique Halloween costume. Add some blood to be Carrie (from Stephen King), wear a tiara and sash to be Miss America (or Miss Scary bridesmaid...as you like!), or anything else you can dream up.

  • If you're looking to recoup some of the (sometimes lavishly ridiculous) cost of the dress, try selling it on Craigslist in your area. Be sure to mention the size, any alterations done, and the brand, model number and color. You might just save another poor maid of honor from having to fork out so much cash for a dress she'll only wear once!