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Handy Tips for Ordering Your Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid Dress

Once the bride has made her final bridesmaid dress decision, the maid of honor has little choice but to order it. To make the best of the situation, whether or not you're lucky enough to actually like the dress, keep the following ordering tips in mind.

    Ordering your bridesmaid dress
  • If the maid of honor dress is the same as the rest of the bridesmaid dresses, it's important to order them all together at the same store (if possible). The color of the bridesmaid dress can vary visibly between dye lots (groups of dresses dyed to be a certain color at the same time). By ordering them all together, they're guaranteed to match and no one will stick out like a sore thumb!

  • For whatever reason, if the maid of honor decides to order her dress separately, make sure to record every last style and color detail. There is often more than one shade of "burgundy." Don't get caught wearing sea-foam green while the other bridal ladies are strutting their stuff in seashell. Write down all possible style and color codes for the bridesmaid dress to cite when ordering.

  • Under no circumstances should you take your own dress measurements at home. Bridesmaid dress shops and tailors are very particular about how and where measurements are taken. As the maid of honor, you don't want to have to follow the bride around in a dress a couple sizes too big (or be forced to make extensive costly dress alterations) due to a measurement error. If the dress store from which you're ordering the dress is inconvenient, almost any dress store or tailor will take your measurements for free as a professional courtesy. At worst, you may be charged a minimal fee.

  • Most maid of honor and bridesmaid dress boutiques also sell shoes, bras, necklaces, and so forth. You are much better off buying all of these accessories someplace else as they're usually marked up quite a bit from your average store. It may be convenient to do your one-stop shopping at the bridesmaid dress boutique, but you'll pay a pretty penny (which you ought to save for the bachelorette party instead!).