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The Maid of Honor's Packing List for an Outdoor Wedding

Maid of honor's packing list

An outdoor ceremony or reception holds special challenges for a maid of honor. Besides the sun and the delightfulness of wildlife (ie. insects!), there's the potential emotional rollercoaster of a bride who thinks it may rain on her wedding day (and it may!). To be a fully prepared maid of honor, ready for anything mother nature may send your way, make sure to include the following list of items sure to smooth your outdoor wedding woes.

  • Avon insect repellent, or another nice-smelling non-offensive brand. There's nothing worse than being the bug bitten maid of honor in all those wedding pictures! And make sure to bring enough to share with the bride and other bridesmaids.

  • Sunscreen, preferably one of the sporty, less greasy varieties. You can even buy some nice non-greasy sunscreen at a makeup boutique, although they can be a bit pricey. Before donning your maid of honor gown (as you don't want to get greasy sunscreen stains on it), apply a layer of sunscreen to your face and exposed skin. Apply makeup over the sunscreen. This is another item you may want to share for the good of the wedding party!

  • Bronzer. If you're going to be out in the sun anyway, it's only natural for the maid of honor to have a bit of a tan glow. Of course, don't go overboard or you'll be the strangely orange one in those wedding pictures.

  • Pretty hat and sunglasses. If you can find a fashionable pair of shades and a nice sun-hiding hat, you'll be in even better shape for an outdoor wedding.

  • Water. There's only one thing worse than a dehydrated maid of honor who faints during the ceremony. That would be a dehydrated bride who faints during the ceremony. Bring lots of water and share it!

  • Fan, a handheld electric model or traditional paper fan. This is just a nice little touch to make your job as maid of honor a little more comfortable.

  • Umbrella. Of course, an outdoor wedding doesn't necessarily mean that sun will be your biggest problem. You should also bring a handy dandy umbrella for the opposite problem!

  • Flat or non-stiletto heels. The maid of honor may need to walk gracefully down the aisle over sand, grass, or other terrain likely to have heels sink into it. If there's rain, that terrain is also likely to be muddy. Choose your shoes carefully and bring an extra pair!

  • A cardigan to protect you from the cold. Some outdoor ceremonies in the early spring or late fall can get downright frigid. Bring a lovely cardigan or jacket which coordinates with your maid of honor dress to wear during the reception. And please, do your best not to shiver during the ceremony. It actually does show up in the pictures.

  • In terms of makeup, try to use waterproof stuff as much as possible. Crying is one thing, rain is another!

  • Allergy medication or inhaler. Between the maid of honor bouquet and the natural environment, be prepared for allergy flare ups!