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Tips to Help the Maid of Honor Look Better in those Infamous Wedding Pictures

Look better in wedding pictures

One of the inevitable (and most annoying) wedding rituals the maid of honor will have to endure is the photographer taking a million wedding pictures (not to mention the picture taking by all the guest would-be photographers!). While it's impossible to avoid, and the bride will certainly want some great pictures to remember the wedding by, there are a few small things the maid of honor can do to make sure she looks gorgeous. These are not makeup or hair tips, just a few hints to ensure you show yourself in the most flattering light possible.

  • When walking down the aisle during the wedding ceremony, hold your bouquet very low. The object is to hide your stomach and not hide your chest. There's a good chance the wedding coordinator or photographer will mention this because it can make a big difference. But just in case, the maid of honor may want to keep it in mind and also gently remind the bride of it during the wedding pictures. She paid a lot for her wedding dress; don't let the flowers hide it in the pictures!

  • Smile, smile, smile! Especially during the wedding ceremony, don't get caught frowning or trying to get something out of your teeth. There are an unthinkable number of pictures taken during the ceremony and the bride and groom are the ones the photographer is trying to make look good. This makes it even more important for the maid of honor to smile and put her best foot forward at all times.

  • I know it's tempting, but don't lean in when taking group shots. Often times the maid of honor and bridesmaids will put arms around each other. That's fine; just don't bend over toward the middle of the group. You will actually look better by standing tall and natural.

  • Unless it's absolutely necessary, the maid of honor should avoid making any goofy or stupid expressions or gestures in the pictures. The old college hand signal you used to make when a cute guy walked by may seem funny at the time, but you might regret it later. It may sound boring, but the maid of honor will be in her best photogenic shape if she just acts normally!