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Bridal Shower Activity: Maid of Honor's Bride Quiz

Bridal shower bride quiz

One extremely fun bridal shower activity that was actually done to me by my maid of honor is the bride quiz! The way it works is that you prepare a series of questions about the groom, questions testing how well the bride knows him. Before the bridal shower rolls around, arrange to talk to the groom secretly and record his answers. Then write his answers in large, easy to read letters, on individual pieces of paper.

At the bridal shower, once the maid of honor decides it's time to run the activity, have the bride sit on a chair opposite the rest of the guests. Then begin by asking one question from the prepared list. As the bride is trying to think of the correct answer, hold up the sign behind the bride's head (so she can't read it, but the other guests can), showing the groom's answer. This should elicit a good amount of laughter!

If the bride guesses correctly, kudos to her; she knows her groom. If she's wrong, I've heard of several ways to handle it. The maid of honor could give the bride a piece of gum to chew for each wrong answer (which gets tougher the more answers she gets wrong). Or, you could devise a scale at the start of the bridal shower activity. For example, 8-10 questions correct represents a honeymoon in the Caribbean. 6-8 questions correct is a nice long weekend at a bed and breakfast. Under 5 questions correct is a symbolic trip to the local pizza parlor. These are just funny ways the maid of honor could tie together this bridal shower activity.

When it really comes down to it, it doesn't really matter how you "score" the game. The point is that everyone has a lot of fun playing!

Sample questions the maid of honor could ask include:

  • In what city was the groom born?
  • What did he want to be when he grew up?
  • What was the groom's favorite pet as a kid?
  • To where has he always wanted to travel?
  • What physical feature of the bride does the groom like best?
  • If the groom could change one thing about the bride, what would it be?
  • What is his favorite food?
  • And my favorite question...How much does the groom love the bride? (Cheesy, but you often get humorous answers!)