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Bridal Shower: Things to Remember

As a maid of honor, there are a lot of details to keep in mind surrounding the bridal shower, from picking a location to getting through the day itself. The following are a few hints to help you run a more successful bridal shower and alleviate some of the stress you might otherwise feel.

Before the bridal shower

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  • Ask all the Moms in advance: Before actually choosing a date for the bridal shower and sending invitations the maid of honor should double check that the date is acceptable to the bride. But, perhaps more importantly, it's essential to run the date by the bride and groom's mothers. And make sure to ask ALL the mothers: step-mothers, birth mothers, whomever. It's obviously more critical for the maid of honor to guarantee the bride's mom and step-mom can attend, but if you're smart, you'll go out of your way to coordinate around the groom's mother as well. And if you were to ask the bride or groom's mother about any grandmothers involved, more power to you!

  • Get help: I know that I mention this in almost every article related to planning the maid of honor events like the bridal shower, but that's because it's critical. You shouldn't have to go it alone! When planning the bridal shower or other events, enlist the help of other bridesmaids and take any assistance that the bride or groom's mothers have graciously offered. You have a lot of responsibilities and will need help! Make sure to accept it when it's offered.

  • Include the bride and groom's registry information: While many people agree that including the registry information along with the wedding invitation is tacky and inappropriate, the same does not necessarily apply to the bridal shower invitations. Most invitees appreciate receiving the registry information on a nice card with the invitation and will be glad that the maid of honor decided to do it. By including this, you'll be helping to insure that the bride actually receives gifts she wants at the bridal shower!

At the bridal shower

  • Record the gift information: It's a simple thing, but don't forget that it's the maid of honor's responsibility to record the information as the bride opens her bridal shower gifts. To make things go smoothly, arrange to have one of the other bridesmaids hand the bride gifts to open and take away the gifts she has already unwrapped. Meanwhile, sit by the bride and record all the information about each gift. The maid of honor should write down: who gave the bridal shower gift, what the gift is with detail if necessary (ie. the "red" blender, in case the bride receives more than one!), and, if possible, any reactions the bride or bridal shower guests have (ie. "that will be perfect in their new kitchen"). This will help her write thoughtful thank you notes.

  • The maid of honor runs the bridal shower: You're the one who decides when to serve the food, when to ask bridal shower guests to sit, when to play games or other activities, and when to have the bride unwrap presents. The bridesmaids and other bridal shower guests will be looking to you to follow your lead. If guests seem bored or antsy, move along to the next activity.