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The Maid of Honor's Role at the Bachelorette Party

Maid of honor's role at the bachelorette party

While the majority of effort surrounding the bachelorette party goes into its creation and planning, once the fateful day arrives the maid of honor isn't off the hook yet. She still has a few tasks to complete, a couple more roles to fulfill to insure the bachelorette party is a success. The maid of honor's most important roles on the bachelorette evening are: organization, safety, bride protection, and having fun!

The maid of honor needs to keep everyone organized. From the outside a bachelorette party looks like fun chaos, but the secret to its success is that it's organized chaos. Be sure to keep track of where and when you are supposed to be, communicate with cab or limo drivers, and be careful not to leave anyone behind. I'm not suggesting that the bride or bachelorette party guests can't make an impromptu decision to change the plans. Rather, if the bride is going to love the strip show, it's up to the organized maid of honor to make sure everyone makes it there!

While she's not anyone's mom, the maid of honor should try to keep everyone safe. When I say safe, I don't just mean safe from danger or accidents, but also protection against things like hangovers. Bachelorette party guests will feel a lot better the next day if the maid of honor has everyone go to a restaurant to eat dinner at the beginning of the night, and doles out water at the end of the evening. It's not her responsibility to stop someone from having one too many shots, but to keep an eye out for anyone who might pass out or be dangerously intoxicated. She should not, of course, let anyone drive who's been drinking. Besides, a bachelorette sleepover party is much more fun anyway!

Protect the bride from herself. The whole point of the bachelorette party is to give the bride a crazy, fun, memorable evening where she gets to go wild celebrating her upcoming wedding. To insure there still is an upcoming wedding, the maid of honor might want to keep the bride from doing anything she'll regret. Kissing random guys, hooking up, and doing a strip dance on the bar might all seem like good ideas at the time, but many a groom has broken off a wedding for less. Don't let the bride get too carried away.

Once all the "hard" work is done, let loose and share in the bachelorette party fun. Dance around with the bride, take copious pictures to remember the evening by, and share a drink or two. You're maid of honor because the bride loves you! Go ahead of have some girly fun!