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Plan a Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

Bachelorette party scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt can add some spice and excitement to any bachelorette party. The maid of honor could use a scavenger hunt to tie together the events of the evening, to get guests revved up and excited, and to make the bride really feel like the VIP she is! The following are several different variations on this theme which would be fabulous additions to any bachelorette party.

Location Scavenger Hunt: When I was maid of honor we used this fairly minor scavenger hunt as the glue that held the evening together. The idea is to prepare clues in advance which will lead the bride to the next stop on the bachelorette adventure. Each time you leave a restaurant, bar, or club, the bride has to guess where you're going next. If she has ties to the place, it's always best for the maid of honor to use personal clues like, "Where is the perfect place to avoid studying?" or "There once was a guy with scarlet hat, who bought you a drink in no time flat."

Checklist Scavenger Hunt: Another popular bachelorette game consists of lists of things the guests are supposed to accomplish during the night. The maid of honor should divide everyone into teams and give them their missions. Tasks can be anything from getting a cute guy to buy you a drink, to finding out whether guys prefer boxers or briefs with a ten guy survey, to dancing seductively to a full song. I strongly recommend that the maid of honor avoid anything that might get the bride in trouble with the groom!

The Bride is Queen: One final twist on the bachelorette party scavenger hunt is to have the bride make a list of what she wants at the beginning of the evening. Under the maid of honor's direction, she could ask to be brought, "a guy with long hair," or "a green colored drink," or even "a glow-in-the-dark condom." During the night the bachelorette party guests try to "collect" everything on the list, bringing them as homage to the bride who then checks them off the list. This can be a super fun way to get everyone laughing and interacting (and flirting!).