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The Maid of Honor's Guide to Wedding Shoes

Maid of honor's wedding shoes

Most brides nowadays don't require their maids of honor and bridesmaids to order matching shoes. This is particularly good since the shoes are often dyed to match the dress, guaranteeing you'll never be able to wear them ever again, the same as the bridesmaid dress! Assuming the maid of honor has the liberty of choice, it's still important to select the wedding shoes wisely according to a few different factors: heel height, comfort, and appropriateness.

Heel Height

You should select the heel height of the shoes based on a couple of things. First, you should take the height of the bride, and the bride's shoe choice, into consideration. As a caring maid of honor, you should make an effort not to tower over her with several inches of heel. I know that there are cases where the bride is quite short and the maid of honor is tall. In this instance, you can at least minimize the height difference by choosing flat or nearly flat shoes. The bride will thank you!

The other relevant factor on shoe heel height is how comfortable the maid of honor is walking in heels. As a main participant in the wedding, you are about to walk, stand, and dance in front of a large crowd of people. Consider choosing heels which will not make you walk awkwardly, risk falling, or otherwise coming across as clumsy. Unless you choose heels you're uncomfortable with, no one is going to be focusing on your feet!

The Maid of Honor's Comfort

Besides an appropriate heel height, try to choose wedding shoes which are not slippery, ill-fitting, or otherwise difficult or potentially painful to walk in. As I discussed above, the maid of honor does not want to make a negative spectacle of herself. And furthermore, you will likely be happier, and therefore a more enthusiastic supporter of the bride, if your feet aren't aching before you even make it down the aisle. And for goodness sake, don't forget to break the shoes in before the wedding day. You'll be glad you did!

Appropriateness for the Wedding Occasion

Depending on the wedding ceremony venue, make sure the shoes match the occasion. The right shoes for an outdoor beach ceremony are not the same as those for a fireside winter holiday wedding. One quick tip for the maid of honor: If the wedding is outside in the grass or dirt, heels can often sink into the ground, making them dirty and posing a tripping hazard.

Besides that, it's also important for the maid of honor to avoid shoes that are too glitzy, or anything that is going to stand out and detract from the bride. This includes strange or overly bold colors. Leave the silver sequins at home for another time.

My two final words of wisdom for the maid of honor regarding wedding shoes are, first, that it's never a bad idea to have a second pair of shoes ready. You don't want to snap your heel and find yourself with nothing else to wear. And second, I have had great luck with the shoes at Go ahead and check them out.