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Bridal Shower Activities

Bridal shower activities

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The last thing to decide is what activities to have at the bridal shower.

There are certain traditions the maid of honor will almost certainly wish to include. You'll want to serve some kind of food, and then there's the part of the bridal shower where guests sit around and watch the bride open her gifts. While some brides may insist that the present-opening is unnecessary, most of them actually do want the opportunity to do this!

Aside from these standard bridal shower elements, you may want to plan some additional activities. When I was a maid of honor I ran a wine-tasting (as the bride was really into wine). Or you could hold a trivia game where she must guess the groom's answers to previously asked questions, a bride quiz. There are a lot of possibilities.

Another favorite is bridal shower bingo where guests mark off gifts on their bingo cards as the bride opens them. Each guest has a bingo board with items like "wine glasses" and "towels" written on them. This activity is a clever way to keep guests occupied while the bride opens all those gifts! The maid of honor may want to have prizes for the winning guest.

As far as other bridal shower games and activities are concerned, why not take into account the bride's hobbies and personal interests? If the bride is into gardening, for example, the maid of honor could have guests plant seeds and take them home as favors.