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Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Bridal shower favors

Bridal shower favors give the guests something to remember the day by as well as a reminder of the wedding day to come. The problem for the maid of honor is that it's sometimes hard to figure out exactly what kind of favors would be best and where exactly you can acquire them conveniently and at a reasonable price. The following are some suggestions presented by category.

Personalized Bridal Shower Favors

One of the most basic types of bridal shower favors are personalized boxes or bags with the bride and groom's names and/or the wedding date on them. Usually the maid of honor fills these favors with candy, like hershey kisses or jordan almonds. You could also fill them with the bride's favorite candy!

My maid of honor actually handed out save the date magnets at my bridal shower. Other favor options include personalized candy bars, shot glasses or candles. You could also get favors which correspond to the shower or wedding theme. Depending on the theme, favors could include mini bags of coffee or tea, cookie cutters, seashells, or plants and seeds.

For these types of bridal shower favors, check out: Party Basics or shower favors.

Stuffed Animal Favors

Nothing is more endearing than a stuffed animal. So why not give them as bridal shower favors? These might be a good favor choice for a maid of honor who wants to keep the tone playful and fun. And the right kind of stuffed animal could fit perfectly into a bridal shower theme based on a location (like dolphins to represent the beach) or for a bride who loves her pet. And the guests will actually be able to use the stuffed animals, if not keeping them for themselves, giving them to a favorite kid.

For this type of bridal shower favor, try these stuffed animals.

Risque Bridal Shower Favors

If the maid of honor is throwing a more risque bridal shower which grandma may be skipping, or if you need bachelorette party favors, there is quite a selection of fun stuff out there. You could choose anything from penis lollipops or straws to anatomically correct chocolates. And at this sort of bridal shower it's only natural for the maid of honor to select some very interesting lotions or even toys as prizes (for games like pin the *ahem* on the man!).

Check out these risque favors, or these risque prizes.