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Bridal Shower Gift Themes: For the Bride who Already Has Everything!

Bridal shower gift themes

While you could incorporate any theme across all the bridal shower elements, there are certain themes which lend themselves specifically to gifts. The maid of honor may want to choose a gift-oriented theme for the bridal shower if the bride already has most of her things for the kitchen and household. Or these themes might be a good choice simply because the maid of honor thinks they would be fun! Whatever your reason, here are some suggestions.

  • Pampering or Spa Theme: In this type of bridal shower, you should request that guests bring pampering gifts for the bride. This may include lotions and bubble bath, cozy (but attractive) bathrobes, and spa gift certificates.

  • Hobby Theme: If the bride has any particular passions, the maid of honor might want to center the bridal shower around them. This can be a great way for the bride to get everything she needs for such hobbies as backpacking, gardening, or reading. Guests could give hiking poles, water cans and bulbs, or a series of books by their favorite author.

  • Wine Theme: For this elegant bridal shower theme, you could request that guests bring nice bottles of wine or wine paraphernalia (like fancy bottle openers or chilling buckets). And it's probably a good idea to serve wine and cheese for this type of event!

  • Room by Room Theme: If the bride still needs some things for her house, the room by room theme can be perfect. The maid of honor asks each guest to bring a gift which can be used in a specific room of the house. This encourages guests to be a bit more creative when choosing, or at least explaining, their bridal shower gifts.

  • Alphabet or Time of Day Theme: This is another theme which encourages the guests to be creative. In the alphabet theme, the maid of honor gives each guest a letter and they must bring a gift beginning with it. For a time of day theme, guests must bring a bridal shower gift which can be used or is typically used at a supplied time of the day.