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Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal shower themes

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Bridal Shower Themes: Does the maid of honor need to choose one?

Many books and articles written for bridesmaids focus extensively on the obligatory bridal shower theme. While I believe that a theme can add some flavor to the event, it's definitely not a necessity. When I was planning my friend's bridal shower, I read a maid of honor book which suggested holding an Elvis-themed party. Now, without giving offense to any Elvis fans out there, how many brides are actually going to want an Elvis-themed bridal shower? Seriously!

On the other hand, you could definitely use a theme to your advantage. When I was a maid of honor, I planned a wine-themed bridal shower. One of the bridesmaids and I led a wine tasting and asked that guests bring a nice bottle of wine as a gift for the bride.

A tropical or Hawaiian theme can be a lot of fun. You could organize an outdoor barbecue and serve drinks with tropical umbrellas in them. Perhaps your young cousins, daughters, or nieces could be enlisted to do a hula dance. Or why not lead a game of Caribbean trivia (example: Who played the infamous pirate Jack Sparrow?).

The maid of honor could also select a theme according to the bride's interests. Suggestions include: seasonal themes (like a winter theme with snowflake cookies), location themes (like a New York City theme complete with soft pretzels and a "name that famous New York landmark" game), or gift-based themes (like a pampering theme where guests bring gifts of scented lotions or spa gift certificates). For a creative maid of honor, the themes are endless. At the same time, all you really need to do to have a successful bridal shower is to create a festive time and place for guests to celebrate the bride. The bells and whistles are just icing on the cake!

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