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Maid of Honor Speech

Maid of Honor Speech and Toast FAQ

Maid of honor speech FAQ

Do you have to memorize the maid of honor speech or can you use notecards?

If you're willing and able to memorize the maid of honor speech, the delivery will come across much more polished, sincere, and animated. On the other hand, if you're going to be a paranoid wreck who risks forgetting everything, go ahead and use notecards. It's not meant to be torture, just an opportunity for you to express your best memories of and wishes for the bride and groom.

Is a maid of honor speech really necessary? I thought only the best man had to give a speech!

Traditionally only the best man gave a speech at the wedding. The parents of the groom (and sometimes the bride) gave speeches during the rehearsal dinner. In the last few years, however, it has become commonplace to see a maid of honor give a speech as well. Is it necessary? That's up to the bride. If you'd like give a maid of honor speech, why not suggest it to her? If you're shy, the best you can do is hope the bride doesn't ask!

What's the difference between a maid of honor speech and toast?

A maid of honor toast is a very short, about 60 second, expression of best wishes for the bride and groom, followed closely by the clinking of glasses and drinking of champagne. A maid of honor speech is similar in purpose, but tends to be longer and include some more extensive personal bride and groom stories or anecdotes. Ask the bride which she is expecting!

Can you buy a maid of honor speech or toast? Is that okay?

The key thing to remember when buying a maid of honor speech is to make sure you can personalize it in some way. Ideally, you should buy templates and fill in the blanks with personal information. Certain places will even ask you for personal stories and use them to write the speech for you.

When does the maid of honor give her speech?

Usually the best man and maid of honor present their speeches at the wedding reception before the dancing gets going. Sometimes it is immediately after the bride and groom are announced. It may be at the very beginning of the wedding reception or just after everyone starts eating. When the time comes, the dj or head of the band will generally do the introductions of the best man and maid of honor.

For tips on writing your maid of honor speech, check this out!