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Traditional Bridal Shower Superstitions

Bridal shower traditions & superstitions

Many superstitions exist surrounding the bridal shower which the maid of honor might want to take advantage of to add a bit of silliness or tradition to the occasion. You could print out all the superstitious ideas on an information sheet to be passed out during the shower, or perhaps enclose them with the invitations. One fun thought would be to print each superstition on a napkin or coaster and let bridal shower guests discover them independently. Whatever the maid of honor may choose to do with them, here's a list of some of the most popular. Is there any truth to them? Well, that's up to you!

  • Ribbon Bouquet: Someone at the shower, usually a bridesmaid or the maid of honor, uses a paper plate, scissors, and tape to make a "bouquet" out of the ribbons and bows as the bride opens her gifts. The bride is supposed to use this practice bouquet during the wedding rehearsal for good luck.

  • The First Bridal Shower Gift: Again for good luck, the bride is supposed to use the first gift she opens at the shower in her married home before any other gift. If you're subscribing to this theory, the maid of honor might want to be careful which gift she hands the bride first!

  • The Breaking of Ribbons: It is often said that the number of ribbons the bride breaks as she opens her bridal shower gifts will equal the number of children she will have. It can be quite amusing for the maid of honor to keep track of this, particularly if you don't tell the bride ahead of time!

  • The Third Bridal Shower Gift: This one might cause some angst as the maid of honor hands the bride gifts, but the theory states that the giver of the third gift will soon have a baby!

  • Bridal Shower Gifts in General: It is bad luck for the bride or groom to use any of the gifts before the wedding. This seems particularly silly to me, but the belief exists nonetheless.