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Maid of Honor tips: Planning a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

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A bachelorette party in Las Vegas can be an incredibly fun, unforgettable time for everyone involved. Unfortunately it can also be quite expensive. On the upside, there are a few things the maid of honor can do to keep the cost down. Despite these cost-saving measures, however, there's a good chance that less people will be able to attend the bachelorette party. It's therefore a good idea to check with the bride before committing to Las Vegas so that she isn't disappointed when not everyone she knows is there!

Plan Way Ahead

Once you've decided to throw the bachelorette party in Las Vegas, plan WAY ahead, or at least as far ahead as you can. With a destination like Las Vegas there are often last minute deals with plane tickets and hotels, but it's just as likely that the prices will be super high. The sooner the maid of honor can lock in hotel rooms and plane tickets, the better. Part of this need to organize things as early as possible is also that it will likely take the you longer than usual to get bachelorette party guests to commit to going or not going. Planning ASAP is the best advice I can give.

Choose Your Hotel and Meals Wisely

When selecting a Las Vegas hotel for the bachelorette party, I would recommend either booking the cheapest rooms possible or, if the maid of honor thinks it would be more fun for everyone to stay at a nice casino, consider one aimed at a younger crowd like the Hard Rock or Planet Hollywood. Be sure to let the hotel know that you're having a bachelorette party and they may give you a group rate and/or other fun party perks like VIP entrance to bars and clubs.

In terms of food, you'll probably want to have dinner in a cool restaurant inside a Las Vegas casino. For breakfast and lunch, however, the maid of honor may want to seek nourishment outside of the casinos where the food will be less expensive! You'd be surprised how much a simple coffee can cost!

Make Financial Expectations Clear in Advance

Finally, for a successful Las Vegas bachelorette party, make sure guests are very clear before they go exactly what everyone is expected to pay for. The maid of honor should expect guests to pay for their own plane tickets and share of hotel rooms. In addition, I would recommend having each guest commit to paying a share of the bride's drinks and possibly meals. Just make sure the expectations are clear in advance. Believe me, the maid of honor does NOT want to have to beg people for reimbursement money after the fact!

Other than that, have a fabulous time in Las Vegas. See, be seen, and don't forget to take plenty of embarrassing pictures to memorialize the event!