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The Maid of Honor's Wedding Night Surprise for the Newlyweds

Wedding night surprise

This isn't nearly as sordid as it sounds! It's just one more pleasant surprise for the newly married couple. Unfortunately, when I was maid of honor, I didn't hear about this until the wedding reception when it was too late. It sounds to me like a great idea which other maids of honor will hopefully read about ahead of time!

So basically, the idea is for the maid of honor (possibly with bridesmaid, or even groomsmen, conspirers) to sneak into the bridal suite and leave gifts behind. The gifts could be anything you think the bride and groom would enjoy finding once they go back to their room after the wedding. You could bring champagne, chocolates, flowers, or even some sexy lingerie. And hey, it may be less romantic, but I would have been a very excited bride to find some snacks stashed in the room. Getting married (and barely eating anything at the reception, as in usually the case) is hungry work!

To get into the bridal suite, all the maid of honor generally needs to do is explain her request to the hotel concierge. Sometimes they won't actually allow you to go to the room yourself, but are happy to put the gifts into the room for you. If the concierge won't help you, you could enlist the mother of the bride to help. Sometimes hotels are more lenient with moms.

While this wedding night surprise will certainly not be the highlight of the wedding, it's just one more little thoughtful detail the maid of honor could attend to. The collection of small considerate acts is what makes for a great wedding experience for the bride.