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Who's Who at a Wedding and How the the Maid of Honor should Interact with Each

Wedding who's who

Bride: This relationship should be pretty obvious for the maid of honor. If not, check out the rest of this website! You should be there to cater to the bride and help make sure her wedding experience goes smoothly.

Groom: The maid of honor can pick the groom's brain for bridal shower or bachelorette party ideas the bride would enjoy. During the wedding time, you will often act as a go-between for the bride and groom (who traditionally can not see each other).

Bridesmaids: As essentially the leader of the bridesmaids, you're charged with making sure they stay focused on the bride, are ready to go on time, and don't do anything un-bridesmaid-like. The maid of honor should also seek their help with the bridal Shower and bachelorette party.

Groomsmen/Ushers: While the best man and maid of honor are counterparts, you may need to keep your eye on the groomsmen as well as the bridesmaids to make sure they are where they're supposed to be at the right time. No offense to any best men out there!

Mother of the Bride: The mother of the bride can decide how active a participant she wants to be, but the maid of honor should start her relationship with the bride's mom as early as possible (and try to keep her calm and happy). The mother of the bride may want to help you plan the bridal shower and/or offer to host it or donate money. If you're smart, you will also check with the mother of the bride to make sure the bridal shower date works for her before sending out invitations! Finally, on the wedding day, the mother of the bride may need a bit of tender loving care and attention if you can tear yourself away from the bride for a moment.

Mother of the Groom: While secondary to the mother of the bride from the maid of honor's point of view, you may want to invite the mother of the groom to participate in the bridal shower planning and other related activities.

Grandparents of the Bride and Groom: It's a good idea to make sure they're seated properly, are comfortable, and have everything they need at the bridal shower and wedding.

Flower Girls and Ringbearers: Like it or not, there may be times when the maid of honor will need to occupy, entertain, and watch over these cute members of the bridal party. The bride and the kids' parents would certainly appreciate any help you're willing to give. The parents, however, should NOT just leave them to the sole care of the maid of honor for extended periods of time. You're not a babysitter and you have the bride to take care of after all!

Wedding Officiant: The maid of honor will be working closely with the priest, minister, or justice of the peace. You may be called upon to help the bride and bridesmaids remember their places and cues for the wedding ceremony.