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Why giving a Maid of Honor Speech is well worth the stress and anxiety

Why a maid of honor speech is worth it

Even the coolest, most experienced public speaker must feel at least a little bit of fear or stress at the thought of giving a maid of honor speech. I actually like public speaking and I was pretty stressed out about the whole thing. And in my case I actually had a choice as to whether or not I wanted to deliver a maid of honor speech. After much consideration, angst, and attempts to discern what the bride actually wanted me to decide, I went for it.

Why did I choose this stressful scenario and bring it upon myself, you might ask? Well, what finally made me decide was the simple fact that I would want her to say yes if I gave her the same choice. Point of fact: Just in case MY former maid of honor is reading this, I in no way regret not having you give a maid of honor speech at my wedding. Just so that's clear.

But was it worth it? Was several months of worrying (not to mention the fearful last few days and hours before having to actually deliver my maid of honor speech) worth the added happiness of the bride and my own personal satisfaction of having delivered a stellar maid of honor speech (arrogant? me?!)? Yes, absolutely.

I was able to show my love and send my good wishes for the bride and groom in a way that no one else could (aside from the best man). The maid of honor speech was an opportunity to publicly express how happy I was for them and add just that much more positive emotion and laughter to their wedding day (laughter is an important part of the maid of honor speech after all).

I was privileged to be an actual part of their wedding festivities, a piece of the beginning of their wonderful married life together. So, despite the stress, fear and worry over what to say and how to say it, presenting a maid of honor speech was an experience I would do again a million times. It was well worth it.